Khat Detox and Rehab

Khat, a shrub normally found in the eastern provinces of Africa has been a constant source of bath salts, which is a highly addictive opiate found in America. There is a lot of controversy over the need for any kind of treatment that is to deal with Khat addiction. Since most of the people believe that Khat is basically an herb and is chewed in order to increase concentration of the user, it is not classified as an addiction. There are many people that believe this to be a drug which is a stimulant. The arguments go on and on, but it is basically the truth that Khat addiction is something which is terrible. It causes long-term damages to the body, and only proper treatment can save the person in the nick of time.

Khat has been banned by Netherlands

What are the signs of addiction to Khat?

Since most people use Khat as a stimulant, there rarely realize that they have become addicted to this product. It is illegal to be used in the United States of America, but even then people find ways to procure this product. Some of the signs of addiction to Khat are;

  1. Undue aggression.
  2. Paranoia
  3. A noticeable increase in energy.
  4. A visible loss of appetite.

Normally, Khat addiction subsides within 90 minutes; however, when consumed in enormous quantities, its effects can last for up to 24 hours. This high that is found in its consumption can also lead to severe withdrawal symptoms like depression, anxiety, fatigue, as well as a mentality inching towards suicide.

Proper withdrawal symptoms for Khat addiction

Due to a lot of support for people using Khat, there are many that simply skip over the multiple withdrawal symptoms that can be found with the prolonged use of this item. Amongst the heavy users, some of the symptoms are;

  1. Lucid nightmares that is pretty vivid.
  2. Suicidal thoughts at an alarming frequency.
  3. Severe depression that only increases as time progresses.
  4. A virtual loss of interest in any kind of activity.

If such symptoms are left untreated, then suicide becomes the ultimate consequence for the person addicted to Khat. Fortunately, there are various detox and rehab centers that can take care of Khat addicted patients.

Rehab and detox facilities for Khat addiction

The treatment for Khat addiction is similar to any other treatment in dealing with a stimulant. The program comprises of undergoing detox which couples with antidepressant and anxiety drugs which should be administered whenever there are any withdrawal symptoms in the patient. Active monitoring will need to be done on the vital organs of the person, and if there are any issues, it should be handled immediately. Chronic damage can be pretty common in patients, and it is to be taken care of at the earliest possible instance.

Rehab should be undertaken so as to control the cravings and ensure that people can learn to cope without the use of Khat in their daily lives. It is through group therapy as well as individual talks with trained professionals that people can get rid of Khat addiction.

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