How to Detox Your Handbag: The Handbag Diet — A Practical New Year Resolution for Your Purse


Having survived the festive season, it’s that time again when good intentions manifest themselves in the form of New Year resolutions. For many women this involves some kind of diet regime, vowing to give up something that makes them feel fat or unhealthy.

Enter the handbag diet, which will not only make life easier but improve your health. For the woman who is tired of fighting to find things in her purse or suffers from back and shoulder pain, there has never been a better time to detox her handbag.

Big Bags – Big Problems?

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the average British woman carries around a handbag weighing the equivalent of 5 bags of sugar – around 2.5 kilos. Continued use can be damaging both to the back and shoulders, causing posture problems and long-term skeletal and muscular damage. Doctors consider the ideal maximum “healthy” weight of a woman’s purse to be no more than 1 kilo, or 2.2lb.

Our increasing reliance on gadgets is driving up not only the load but the size of our bags. The bigger the bag, the more weighty it is likely to be, not to mention the time spent rifling through clutter in search of car keys, lipstick, cell phone, Ipod and the like.

How to Detox Your Handbag

Detoxing your handbag involves clearing out all the useless, outdated and unnecessarily overweight clutter, which has been aquired during the course of the weeks and months.

This includes blitzing your purse/wallet and make-up bag, organizing your address book and sorting out your key chain to a manageable and less weighty proportion.

Clearing Out Your Handbag

Whether you use one handbag for all occasions or a number of bags to match outfits, empty the contents out to reveal all the unwanted junk and clutter of past days and weeks.

Decide which should be essential and non essential items and cull those that are unnecessary and add extra bulk and weight. Once you have done this it is much easier to declutter your bag on a daily/weekly basis.

In addition to the high tech gadgetry, essential items are likely to include a wallet, make-up bag, keys and address or notebook.

Organizing Your Purse/Wallet

Choose a purse/wallet that does the job and no more. Compact enough to store notes, drivers license, credit cards etc, free from unwanted receipts and to the paper. The change compartment that can be emptied out every couple of days to remove excess loose change, which is adding weight and bulk.

Clearing Out Your Cosmetic Bag

Keep cosmetics in your make-up bag to the bare essentials for the day. This usually means carrying what is required to retouch your lipstick, foundation, blusher when needed, rather than mountains of extras.

Addressing Your Address Book

Whilst it is likely that contact details will be stored in a mobile phone, there is also an argument for keeping a written record, as those who have lost their phone or had it stolen will attest. However, a heavyweight book adds unnecessary bulk, a mini organizer is preferable, to transfer essential phone numbers etc.

Kick Out Unnecessary Keys

Hefty keychains and unnecessary keys have to go – all add to the weight of the bag. Slimlining a keychain so that is carries only keys that are used on a regular basis will reduce weight. Store other keys, used only occasionally, in a container.

Maintaing the Handbag Diet

Once you have invested time and energy in a handbag detox it is important to keep it on a healthy diet. Don’t allow your bag to become cluttered again. Make a point of tidying your purse on a regular basis and removing unnecessary items.

Just because a bag is big does not mean it has to be filled. Whilst oversized bags are highly fashionable, bulky ones can ruin the look of an outfit and spoil your silhouette. Keep bag weight to a minimum and your body will love you for it. By carrying out a regular handbag detox, not only are you less likely to damage your posture but also your style.

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